ALC 2021 Free Forum, which is jointly sponsored by the China Illuminating Engineering Society (CIES), the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan (IEIJ) and the Korean Institute of Illuminating and Electrical Installation Engineers (KIIEE), will be held online on August 26th 2021.

Due to the epidemic situation, the Asia Lighting Conference scheduled for August 2021 was postponed. This forum will be as a warm-up activity for the 13th Asia lighting conference to be held at Tsinghua University in China next year.

ALC is an international academic conference on science and art in the field of lighting. It aims to promote academic exchanges and technological innovation among science and technology personnel in Asia, especially among young scholars, through research exchange, discussions, and learning from each other.

ALC 2021 Free Forum choose the broad theme, which is divided into invited talk and oral presentation (15 min). We expect that the lighting science and design will be more developed and having further discussion and study all field of lighting at the forum. If you want to submit a report or participate in the forum, you can register online. The deadline for submission of reports is July 31, 2021, and the deadline for attending is August 15, 2021. In order to improve the quality of the forum, the size of the forum is limited to 300 people.

Looking forward to your participation!

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